Welcome to the Inaugural Year of Loma Ridge Elementary PTA! We are excited to extend an invitation to support & join our school’s PTA.

What is the Loma Ridge PTA? Why is my support so needed?

The purpose of the Loma Ridge Elementary PTA is to enhance your child’s education by funding programs & services not supported by Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) or Irvine Public School Foundation (IPSF).

Our first action as our PTA forms is to gather funds to be able to support some amazing programs for our students with our Fall “Pledge & Membership Drive.”

Why a Pledge Drive?

  • Increase Financial Return – Loma Ridge PTA receives 100% of every dollar donated.
  • Direct Donation – Allows you to make a direct donation to Loma Ridge PTA.
  • Better use of Resources – Allows PTA volunteers to concentrate on developing valuable enrichment programs to increase our children’s educational experience.
  • Tax Benefits – All donations are tax deductible as Loma Ridge Elementary’s PTA is a non-profit organization.
  • Company Match for Charitable Contributions – Before you make your donation, check with our employer about a matching gift program. If your employer has such a program all you need to do is request a matching gift form, fill it out and send it in (some are online and super simple to process). Then notify the PTA Treasurer when to expect the matching gift from your company.

How do I pledge?

  1. When: Starting today through October 31, 2019; but of course we will accept donations anytime of the year.
  2. Amount: Our goal is to have EACH FAMILY pledge the suggested amount of $100 for one child and $50 per additional child or donate an amount your family is comfortable with and purchase a PTA membership.
  3. Special Gift: All families who pledge $100 will receive a commemorative inaugural year keychain medallion. Each additional $50 pledge will receive an extra keychain so each child can have their own.
  4. How: Using our simple online http://LomaRidgePTA.org, or by check or cash.
  5. Complete Donation Form: Return your pledge/membership donation form by October 31, 2019 (whether you donate online, by check or cash, please turn in your donation form for tracking purposes).

“All donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!”